10 Messages Every Church Should Be Sending Women

I have a friend with a deep passion for God. This woman has dedicated her life to sharing Jesus, and her beautiful heart is evident in all she does. Hers is a true calling.

Once this lady spoke with a pastor about sharing her God story with his church. The pastor looked over this lady’s website, skimmed through her book, and told her, “I like your message. It’s much needed in the Christian world today! That’s why I’m praying for the ministry you and your husband have. I’d love to meet the two of you someday.”

Here’s the thing: This lady’s husband is not part of her ministry. Oh, he supports and encourages her, but God specifically called the woman to share God’s story in her unique way.

This true story reminded me that sometimes the church sends conflicting messages to women. It’s often inadvertent, but the messages can be discouraging or even confusing. While not all women are called to start a ministry, every woman needs to hear true messages—especially from the church—about who they are.

Here are 10 messages every church should be sending to their women:

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