10 Things Poisoning Your Happiness

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Happiness is an emotion or state of being that scientists and have been studying for years. What leads to happiness, and how can we create it? It’s certainly elusive. A recent study published in SAGE Journal showed that adults over age 30 were less happy than they were 15 years prior. There are certainly societal factors that can contribute to this, such as unemployment rates, the stock market, and other economic conditions. But studies have shown that even with a bustling economy, happiness has continued to decline.

Bad things happen in life; some of them are certainly out of our control. I’ve had friends bury loved ones, lose jobs and hope, and face various crises. We’ve all seen tragedy strike our country (and world) again and again. In my own life, I’ve experienced things that have drained the happiness out of me. We can’t control everything, but we can address certain factors that act like poison in our lives and take away the joy that God wants us to experience. A few simple life changes can help us bring it back.

Here are 10 things that may be poisoning your happiness:

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