10 Verses to Include in Your Christmas Cards This Year

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year when so many take time to gather with family and friends, share gifts and meals, make memories, have fun, and worship together. It’s also a great time to reconnect with those you may not see through the year, or just send a heartfelt sentiment to those you care about with a Christmas card or simple greeting. Maybe you’ve sent family photos and Christmas cards for many years; it’s your annual tradition. Maybe you include a note of a few of your family’s highlights from the year. Or maybe, like many in today’s world, you choose to send a greeting through email or social media so that you’re able to reach more of those you love.

But no matter what type of card or style of note you send, the most important part of your Christmas message may not necessarily be the great family photo, the nice gift enclosed, or even anything you have to say.
It may be a Bible verse, from the Word that never changes.
The truth is, many people all around celebrate Christmas but have never connected personally with the very Savior of the world we celebrate. The message of what Christmas is really all about often gets blurred in busyness, materialism, or tradition. Yet God’s Word is powerful and true. And even a heartfelt sentiment of what He has done in your life this year, or sharing a scripture that has influenced your own family or points others to the gift of Christ, may send a lasting hope that someone desperately needs to read. Don’t ever doubt the power of His word and His ability to work through every single truth shared that pours light into a dark world or needy soul. You may never be aware of how many have watched you through the year and wondered about the hope and joy you seem to have in your life. What better time to share the peace we have found through Christ Jesus?

And if you’re not sure what to share or where to turn, here’s a start with 10 hope-filled verses that may be a fit for your family’s Christmas cards this year:

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