6 Excellent Bible-based Children’s Series on Amazon Prime

For two-day shipping, nothing beats Amazon Prime. From diapers to dishes to disposable wipes, the Internet giant can deliver virtually anything to your doorstep within 48 hours – and even 24 hours if you’re willing to pay a little more.

Of course, one of the other perks of Amazon Prime is its streaming service, which includes old classics (such as The Waltons), newer shows (like Downton Abbey) and recently released films (one of my favorites: Arrival).

But did you know that Amazon Prime’s streaming service is great for kid-friendly, Bible-based content, too? And although it doesn’t beat the streaming services of Pureflix or the Dove Channel in this category, it’s still worth sampling if you’re a Christian family who is shelling out $119 a year for the service.

I discovered Amazon Prime’s library after futilely searching Netflix for kids’ shows about the Bible. The top recommendations were VeggieTales (not bad) and Andy Griffith (seriously?). I then turned to Amazon Prime, which has a solid selection.

Here are my family’s six favorite kid-friendly Christian series on Amazon Prime streaming. All are animated:

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