6 Helpful Questions to Discover Your Word of the Year

Every year, many will spend December planning for January. We create goals, vision boards, and resolutions that fall by the way side within the first few weeks of the new month. Statistically, only 8% of people actually accomplish their goalsfor the year.

If I’m honest, I still have New Year Resolutions that are almost a decade old and remain “unfinished.” Sadly, like so many others, I have found that these random plans are simply attempts to create quick fixes for the deeper issues at hand.

Years ago, my mentor challenged me to find a word of the year versus creating a list of resolutions. In an ideal world, “words of the year” are different from resolutions. Resolutions are typically inward-focused. For this coming year, you may desire to be at your goal weight, launch your business, and better manage your time. However, choosing a word of the year provides an opportunity to reframe your perspective and develop true heart change that has the potential to impact everyone you encounter.

For example, if your word of the year is forgiveness, you will be more likely to give others grace and forgive yourself when you miss the mark. Your word of the year should be the filter for every interaction. Coincidentally, your word of the year should also empower you to complete your goals.

Here are six questions that can help you choose your 2019 Word of the Year:

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