8 Family-Friendly Netflix Movies This Month

Connect (Sept. 1)

Twenty-first century parents may not view themselves as pioneers, but actor and speaker Kirk Cameron sees them that way. 

That’s partially because Cameron is part of that generation of moms and dads who are the first to raise children and teens in an era of smartphones, tablets and social media. Those parents have the same questions: What is the right age for a child to get a smartphone? What limits should be placed on it? And how much social media is too much social media? 

Cameron’s new documentary, Connect, tackles those and other questions as he interviews experts and even former technology addicts in a quest for answers. His goal is to help 21st-century parents who aren’t sure how to raise children in a technologically crazed culture.

Connect is streaming on Netflix in September.     

“As parents, we are among the pioneer generation when it comes to raising kids that are totally submerged in technology,” Cameron told Crosswalk. “I can’t go back and ask my dad, ‘How did you navigate Instagram when you were a teenager or when I was a teenager?”

The idea for the documentary started after Cameron – naively, he now says – bought his children smartphones.  

Connect is entertaining and enlightening, and a must-watch for parents of children. Among those he interviews are neurosurgeon Ian Armstrong, child education expert Kathy Koch, and internet safety authority Tim Woda.  

“You can’t run from technology,” Cameron says in the documentary, referencing his knee-jerk reaction to throw away the smartphones. It is a heart issue, he says. “… [Technology] can be used for good or it can be used for evil.” 

Other family-friendly options on Netflix this month:

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