Benjamin’s Box (An Easter Lesson for Kids)

Ah, Easter and Christmas!  Those wonderful mornings where kids come flooding into your classroom, dressed in their best and eager to learn!  Well, they are dressed in their best anyway!

Easter: Who's Ready to Learn?

For this Easter, I wanted to do a lesson that would keep the “regular” kids engaged and also help introduce the Easter story to new kids in a fun way.   I used the book Benjamin’s Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs and this amazing treasure box my parents let me borrow.

Benjamin's Box: An Easter Lesson for Kids

Inside the box, I placed all the things that Benjamin found and placed inside his treasure box including straw, donkey fur (cat fur in our case!), a twig, a coin, and a bit of leather.   As I read through the book, I pulled out each item and let the kids pass it around and ask questions.

Easter: Using Benjamin's Box

The kids loved the lesson and it was  fun one to teach as well!   Here’s another family that used the same method if you’d like to ready more about it! 

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