Bible Lessons for Kids

Are you looking for a video bible lesson for kids? The Animated Kid’s Bible lessons are an excellent way to get your kids interested in the classic Bible stories of the Old Testament. Even more importantly, it’s a great way for them to learn the lessons contained in each. Your kids will be glued to the set, and they’ll want to watch them over and over again.

The Fact File, a fun and easy-to-follow explanation for the kids. This gives details about the places where the action happened, including colorful maps. This connects these old Bible stories with the modern world of today, so that your kids understand that it’s more than just a fanciful tale.

Music videos with scenes from the story, these bible lessons are great fun for the kids, with songs they can learn and sing with. The music video is also a quick, fun way to review all that happened in the story.

The storyboard, showing the images in their rough form. This is edited together to make a kind of music video with a voice over, that can be fun to watch and used to review.

Finally, there are trailers of all the upcoming bible lessons. Once your kids get a taste of the Animated Kid’s Bible lessons, they will want them all!

This series of bible lessons is a wonderful way to show your kids that those old Bible stories aren’t boring at all. They’re bright, colorful and action-packed… and more importantly they contain lessons for our lives today.


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