Billy Graham to Woody Allen: “God Could Use You.”

Stephen R. Sanders

There are pivotal times in each of our lives where we are faced with decisions that could change the course of our existence here on Earth. One of these moments happened for Woody Allen back in 1969 when the Reverend Billy Graham did a candid interview for “The Woody Allen Show.”

WATCH: Part One of Billy Graham’s interview with Woody Allen

You may have heard about the recent sexual abuse allegations brought against Woody Allen by his daughter, Dylan Farrow. Now 32, Farrow is claiming she was sexually assaulted by Allen when she was 7 years old. Allen has denied these allegations.

With all the sorrow, heartache, accusation and shame that surrounds Woody Allen, it’s hard not to imagine the impact God could have had on his life if he’d taken Billy Graham’s advice 49 years ago. And though this heart-warming video provides us with a few laughs and a mutual respect for both men’s ability to “agree to disagree,” the recent news of Allen makes it bittersweet.

“You’ve got something in store for you. You’ve experienced some of these other things, but you haven’t experienced God yet,” says Graham. “And that’s the greatest of all experiences… and I’d hate for you to miss it!”

Graham continues with: “Some of the greatest ministers of history have also been some of the greatest sinners of history, You have this terrific mind… this terrific ability to communicate. God could use you.”

WATCH: Part Two of Billy Graham’s interview with Woody Allen

Thought Allen was raised Jewish, he rejected these religious beliefs later on in life. To this day, he remains a self proclaimed Agnostic.

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