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EXODUS-The Series Crowdfunding Campaign

The Kids Bible Company LLC is preparing a Crowdfunding Campaign to assist in the financing of EXODUS The Series Episode 1 and we are seeking everyone’s help in bringing this very worthwhile project to fruition. as you all know, we funded the very successful GENESIS Series some time ago and we have received hundreds if not thousands of requests to continue our mission to bring all of the major books of the Bible to life in wonderful 3D animation. This is your chance to help us achieve our goal, as soon as the crowdfunding page is complete, i will email everyone the link to support us.

The Kids Bible Company now need to continue the Bible with Exodus and then follow on with The Gospels so that children can learn about Lord Jesus through His teachings and miracles and also through the lives of His disciples, thereby enabling and encouraging them to start their faith walk with their Savior and learn the lessons that will empower them to walk through the world knowing that they are never alone as long as they accept and believe in Him.

Please help to continue this truly worthwhile mission and maybe one day we will see a world where love and kindness and honest values as taught by Jesus in the Bible will triumph over the darkness that is rapidly growing around us.

Please stay tuned for further updates

exodus the series

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