Interactive Bible Lesson – Genesis 1-3

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The Animated Kids Bible Interactive Bible Lessons – Genesis 1-3

The Kids Bible

  • Contains Four Disks
  • Plays on all DVD players – Worldwide
  • This package contains three major bible lessons
  • 120 minutes of video
  • Handouts, and high quality prints

A Sunday school teacher’s dream come true!


Detailed Description:

The Animated Kids Bible finally gives you a way to teach your kids about the Bible while also keeping them entertained and interested. Not only do they get to see the movie, the “Video Lessons” also present them with Bible facts and quizzes to make sure it sank in.

The videos are visually stimulating, with the latest in CGI digital effects. They present the kids with cartoon Bible stories full of vivid characters and great animation, that will keep them glued to the screen. The first set includes three stories from the Bible: Creation, Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel. These are three of the most important stories in the Bible, and these videos will keep your kids’ attention and help them to understand everything that happened.

Each DVD starts with a music video full of previews of what’s to come. While an exciting song composed especially for the series plays, you’ll see soaring landscapes from God’s creation of the earth, all the plants and animals coming to life, Adam and Eve in the Garden Of Eden, and scenes from the story of Cain and Abel. The second chapter is a song for the kids to learn and sing. The songs are different on each DVD, so there are lots for the kids to enjoy in every set. They are catchy and easy to learn, and also teach about God.

The part your kids will enjoy the most is the story itself. Disc 1 shows God creating the earth, with an exciting narration. You can see the animals popping out of the earth, and the landscapes growing and changing. It’s at least as cool as any video game your kid has!

Then, we get to the Garden of Eden. We meet Adam and Eve and get glimpses of their happy life together in the Garden. In Disc 2, one of the most memorable characters in the whole series, the Serpent, comes along and tempts them. Finally Disc 3 shows the story of Cain and Abel, a very important Bible story dealing with brothers and loyalty to God.

The greatest thing about the series are the lessons that come afterward. First, you get the “Fact File.” Here, a narrator explains in more detail the events in the Bible, showing where it all fits in to history as well as the modern world. Your kids will be drawn in by the images and easy-to-understand explanations.

Then, there is a test to make sure the kids got it. This is presented in a fun and exciting way, with colorful graphics and animation, so your kids won’t feel like they’re taking a test at all.

The fourth disc in the set has printable lesson plans so that you can teach your kids about the Bible at home. It has three PDF files, one for each lesson, with more information on the stories and fun activities that you can do with your kids to help them understand the stories.

The Animated Kids Bible is meant to be enjoyed over and over again. The tests are there so you can make sure your kids get it, and there are songs and stories your kids will want to watch over and over again.


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