Interactive Bible Lesson – Genesis 10-12

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Interactive Bible Lesson – Genesis 10-12

This action packed edition of the DVD Bible stories for kids more than lives up to its name…

The Kids Bible

  • Contains Four Disks
  • Three Major Bible Lessons, Easy And Fun To Learn
  • 120 Minutes Of Video
  • Home Study Handouts And Prints
  • DVD Disks Play On Any DVD Player Worldwide

Detailed Description:
This set of 4 discs picks up where the last left off, with the continuing story of Abram and his children, and includes the fiery doom of Sodom and Gomorrah. In addition to the story told with striking visual effects and realistic characters, it has quizzes and a “Fact File” to help your kids not only enjoy, but understand the stories and their lessons for us today.

Disc one follows the story of Abram and his people. The scenes of the siege of Sodom and Abram’s journey there to save Lot are explosive and realistic, the war scenes enhanced by brilliant CGI animation. This disc’s Fact File teaches your kids the background of the story, making it easier to understand and putting it in the context of the rest of the story.

The second disc centers around God’s promises to Abram; that he would have a child and as many descendants as there are stars in the sky. This lesson is important for kids because it is about keeping your faith in God. God had special plans for Abram, and even when His instructions were difficult, Abram faithfully followed.

The grand finale is disc three. Mysterious cloaked messengers come to Abram (now re-named Abraham) to tell him that soon Sarah will have a child. They also come to warn him of the destruction of Sodom. The people have lost their faith in God, and the wicked city will be destroyed.

One of the most striking scenes in the whole series is the escape from Sodom. Lot tries to tell the people but they won’t listen, and we see them running from the city as fireballs shoot out of the sky and smash it to bits. More than just a heart-stopping, bombastic finale, the story on this disc teaches the kids to never turn away from God. This important lesson is presented in a way that will keep your kids glued to the set to see what happens next!

The lesson is not complete without the Fact Files, test, review and songs. Each disc contains an information chapter that breaks down the story for the kids, and leads them to an understanding of the lesson underneath. They have maps to help bring the story alive for your kids, as well as archaeological evidence to tie the stories to real past events. There are also in-depth explanations so your kids won’t be lost.

Each disc has several songs for the kids to sing and enjoy. These songs are all about God and what His love means for all of us.

The fourth disc has a lesson plan that you can use to teach the kids at home. This lesson plan is full of activities relating to the videos, to get your kids thinking about what these stories mean to us today. The Animated Kid’s Bible Video Lessons Set 4 is an engaging story, guaranteed to get your kids into Bible study.


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