Interactive Bible Lesson – Genesis 13-15

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The Animated Kids Bible – Interactive Curriculum Genesis 13-15

Bible study doesn’t have to be dull! The Animated Kid’s Bible Video Lesson series uses animated stories with vivid detail, along with interactive learning features, to make these old stories come alive.

the kids bible

  • Contains Four Disks
  • Three Major Bible lessons that are easy and fun to learn
  • 120 Minutes of Action Packed Video
  • Home Study Handouts And Prints
  • DVD Disks Play On Any DVD Player Worldwide

Detailed Description:

The Animated Kid’s Bible Video Lesson Set 5 has lessons 13-15. These stories continue the life of Abram, a tale full of serious lessons and riveting adventure, presented here with stunning visuals and fun interactive features.

Disc one has Lesson 13, the story of Hagar and Ishmael’s journey through the desert. These tales really come alive with the animated stories and state-of-the-art animation. The scene where God tells Abraham to kill his only son is dramatic and suspenseful, and the Fact File, which gives extra explanations and background, will help your kids understand what the story really means.

The story in disc two is the one that gives this set it’s name, “Brothers At War.” It’s the story of Jacob and Esau. This story of deceit and treachery is full of lessons for your kids about what happens when brother quarrel. This is a tough story to understand, but the animated version presents it so kids can get it, and understand the message behind it. It’s an engaging story full of plot twists and action that your kids will enjoy.

The third disc continues the story of Jacob and Esau. We see Jacob meeting Rebecca, his encounter with God, and his reunion with his estranged brother. All of these stories are important parts of the Bible, and through this video your kids will gain a better understanding of them, and what it means for siblings to forgive each other.

These DVD’s have more than just exciting, visually appealing Bible stories. The Video Lessons set also has learning materials to make studying Bible stories fun for kids. They’ll be entertained and engaged, but also they’ll learn what the stories really mean.

Each disc has a “Fact File,” that explains the stories in more detail and gives historical background for the stories in a fun, easy-to-understand way. They also have quizzes so the kids can test their knowledge and see if they got it all. There are songs, reviews and previews of the other animated Bible stories.

The fourth disc in the set contains lesson plans that you the parent can use to help your kids learn about the Bible. These lessons bridge the gap between the old Bible stories, and real life today. Using these, you can help your kids easily understand the lessons contained in each story.


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