Interactive Bible Lesson – Genesis 16-18

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The Animated Kids Bible – Interactive Curriculum Genesis 16-18

The Animated Kid’s Bible is a great way to get your kids interested in the stories of the Bible. This series has excellent visual imagery, great characters and good plots to keep the kids interested.

The kids bible

  • Contains Four Disks
  • Three Major Bible Lessons that are easy and fun to learn
  • 120 minutes of video
  • Home study handouts and prints
  • DVD Disks Play On Any DVD Player Worldwide

The Video Lessons are even better than our “The Animated Kids Bible Episodes” because they have study materials built in. This way, you can make sure your kids get the message.

Detailed Description

The first disc is Lesson 16, the story of Joseph and his betrayal by his brothers. Jealous of their father’s attention, they sell Joseph off to Egyptian slave traders. This set continues the themes of the previous one – loyalty to fathers, and relations between brothers. This story is full of important lessons for your kids to understand. The animated story will suck them in, and the Fact File will make it clear by filling in the details.

Disc 2 follows the adventures of Joseph in Egypt. There are fantastical dream sequences and scenes of Pharaoh’s palace that will draw your kids in and not let them go. It’s just like being there! Your kids will enjoy the adventure, and the Fact File explains in more detail what happened so your kids will know the whole story.

In the third disc, the story works its way out to the end, where Joseph saves the brothers who betrayed him, teaching the power of forgiveness. This story is tough to understand because of all the brothers, but in the Animated Kid’s Bible, each brother looks different and has a different personality, and these well-crafted characters make it much more fun and interesting.

With great visual imagery, the Fact File recaps the entire story from Adam and Eve on. This review helps the kids see how the whole story has progressed, and shows how all the characters are related. The interactive presentation will get the kids involved in learning.

The other chapters have useful learning tools to help your kids understand the stories. There are review chapters, quizzes for the kids to test themselves, and songs with themes from the stories. It’s all colorful and energetic, so your kids will love it.

Disc 4 has printable lesson plans that you can use to teach your kids at home. These lessons contain ideas and activities so that you can make learning Bible stories active and motivational. Your kids will love Bible study!


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