Interactive Bible Lesson – Genesis 4-6

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The Animated Kids Bible Interactive Bible Lesson – Genesis 4-6

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  • Contains Four Disk
  • Plays on all DVD players – Worldwide
  • This package contains three major Bible lessons
  • 120 minutes of video
  • Study handouts and high quality prints.

Detailed Description:

This is the second set of the Animated Kid’s Bible video lessons. It picks up where the first set left off, with the story of the Ark and Noah’s children.

The Animated Kid’s Bible is a new take on the old stories we all know and love. These DVD’s have great graphics and wonderful stories for the kids to enjoy. But most of all, they help your kids learn the stories in the Bible, and really understand what they mean.

The lessons contained in this set, lessons 4-6, all revolve around the story of Noah’s Ark. God had made the world and filled it with animals, plants and people, but they had strayed from His Word. He chose one man to take his family and all the creatures of the earth and start the world anew. One of the most memorable stories in the Bible, it has lots of lessons for our kids to learn.

The movies themselves are visually exciting and full of fast-paced action. The series uses CGI animation with Hollywood-quality scripts and voice-overs. Your kids will be glued to the screen, waiting to see what happens next!

But, these DVD’s don’t just entertain the kids; they also educate, and that is what the Animated Kid’s Bible Video Lessons are all about.

In addition to the movies, each DVD has a “Fact File.” This is a chapter full of detailed explanations, showing how the Ark was built. Your kids will be amazed by the size comparisons between the Ark and places they know today.

They also show you how Japheth, Ham and Shem’s descendants became the many races of man today. These features really bring the stories to life for the kids with an easy-to-understand explanation with images and graphics.

There’s also the Rewind And Review chapter, where the kids get quizzed on what they learned. This is where it all comes together. The quiz challenges them to pick the right answer and test their knowledge.

Each disc also has a music video showing scenes from the stories, songs for the kids to learn and sing, and a review of the episode before they go on to the next one.

Every set of lessons in the Animated Kid’s Bible also has printable lesson plans so that you can teach your kids at home. These lesson plans give more detailed information about the stories, and also activities the whole family can enjoy. These activities are fun but also educational.


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