The Adventures of Bingo and Molly-Episode 20-Pink and Blue

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Bingo and Molly-Pink and Blue

Bingo and Molly are planning to build a club house. Bingo tells Duck about their plans. Duck is very excited but insists that it has to be a club house for boys only. After all, as he explains to Bingo, boys can build stuff and girls can’t.

Molly is upset at being excluded. She visits Mr. Growl where she finds Rosa. It’s not true Rosa tells her, I’ve build lots of things. Girls can build just the same as boys.

bingo and molly

The girls challenge the boys to a race to build the best clubhouse. Soon the neighborhood is full of the sound of sawing and hammering. The boys build their house in a large tree. As they stand back to admire it, it crashes to the ground much to the delight of the girls.

Duck tries to convince the boys that the girls won’t have done any better because they don’t know how to hammer. But the girls have built a beautiful clubhouse. Molly has painted it and Gladys has fitted curtains. The boys accept an offer from the girls and let them re-build their clubhouse and finally, everyone agrees that both girls and boys should share and share alike.



Bingo and Molly was awarded the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award AND The Parents Choice Award for Excellence in Children’s Programming.



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