The Adventures of Bingo and Molly-Episode 3-Promise the Sky

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Bingo and Molly-Promise the Sky

It is a glorious morning and Bingo is inspired to paint a picture.

He takes a clean canvas outside only to discover his paints have all dried up and he needs a new brush and easel.

He turns to Gladys, Duck and Zigger for help, promising to paint a portrait of each of them in return for the loan of Gladys’s paints, Ducks brush and Zigger’s easel.

Only after Bingo has made his promise does he realise that he’s promised to paint all three portraits and has only one canvas.

A visit to Mr. Growl’s magic book tree provides the solution to Bingo’s dilemma.

Later that afternoon, Gladys, Duck and Zigger are in for a real surprise when Bingo’s paintings are uncovered.

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Bingo and Molly was awarded the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award AND The Parents Choice Award for Excellence in Childrens Programming.



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