The Adventures of Bingo and Molly-Episode 7-Zigger’s First Day

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Bingo and Molly-Zigger’s First Day

It is Zigger’s first day in the neighborhood. It looks very pleasant and he’s sure he is going to be very happy here – only none of the houses have numbers. He knocks on a door to ask for help. The door opens and Gladys looks out and screams. The door is slammed shut.

Poor Zigger who is a pleasant and mild mannered mole finds her behavior very strange and it gets stranger still as Gladys hurries around to let all her friends know that a Mole has arrived in the area. According to Gladys, Moles are very dirty and messy creatures and Zigger is a pest and mustn’t be allowed to stay.

However,  Molly likes Zigger and isn’t frightened away by these stories.

Finally, Mr. Growl intervenes with a story from the book tree and Gladys welcomes Zigger into the neighborhood.

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Bingo and Molly was awarded the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award AND The Parents Choice Award for Excellence in Childrens Programming.



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