The Adventures of Bingo and Molly-Episode 8-The Wish

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Bingo and Molly-The Wish

Molly is very excited when Bingo comes home with a special parcel. Inside is a Turtle which their cousin, Louis wants them to look after for a day.

Molly is disappointed when the time comes for Bingo to return the Turtle. But imagine her excitement when she wakes the next morning to find a Goldfish on her desk.

Molly has great fun showing “Goldy” the Goldfish to all her friends, but Goldy was very old and one day, Molly finds Goldy lying on the bottom of its bowl.

Molly can’t understand that Goldy has died even after she has been buried in Mr. Growl’s garden and she expects Goldy to return and play with her.

Finally, Mr. Growl tells Molly a special story, in which Molly becomes a “Molly Fish” and swims up to Goldy. But Molly is still sad, although she now understands that Goldy was old and had to go. Mr. Growl gives her a potted plant to put by her bedside so she can watch it grow and be happy again.

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Bingo and Molly was awarded the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award AND The Parents Choice Award for Excellence in Children’s Programming.



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