The Adventures of Bingo&Molly-Episode 2-Gladys’s Birthday

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Bingo and Molly-Gladys’s Birthday

It’s Gladys’s birthday and she is very excited! She hurries out to check her mailbox convinced it will be full of cards, but there are NONE! Gladys shakes her head in disbelief. Not to be discouraged, she visits her friends Bingo and Molly but they don’t want to talk and ignore her hints about her birthday – So does Duck.

Poor Gladys, it should have been her happiest day of the year and it’s turning out to be the worst.

Bingo and Molly and the friends meet at Mr. Growl’s garden to prepare for Gladys’s surprise party. They are all pleased with the way they have managed to keep it a secret from Gladys. Mr. Growl wonders if they may have gone too far.

Molly is sent to collect Gladys but finds her house shut. Oh dear! Have they all driven her away with all their secrecy?

At that moment Gladys arrives, she has been visiting one of her relatives for her birthday. Molly takes Gladys to Mr. Growl’s garden and the surprise party and it is a huge success.

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Bingo and Molly was awarded the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award AND The Parents Choice Award for Excellence in Childrens Programming.



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