The Adventures of Bingo&Molly-Episode 5-In The Soup

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Bingo&Molly-In The Soup

Bingo is very proud. He has built a magnificent space rocket. When he hurries outside to tell his friend Duck about it, Molly picks up the rocket and accidently breaks it. She tries to repair it but only damages it further. Molly runs off.

Bingo finds Duck holding the space rocket and accuses him of breaking it. Although Duck protests his innocents, Bingo doesn’t believe him and the two friends quarrel.

When Bingo tells Molly about Duck breaking the space rocket, Molly says nothing.

Poor Duck feels awful and Molly isn’t very happy either. Finally Molly lets Zigger take her to see Mr. Growl.

As always, Mr Growl has just the right story about Magnolia, a little girl who accidentally puts a sock, a ball and a tennis shoe in her grandma’s soup. Magnolia feels better when she finally tells the truth about what has happened – and so does Molly.

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Bingo and Molly was awarded the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award AND The Parents Choice Award for Excellence in Childrens Programming.



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