The Animated Kids Bible Episode 2-The Voyage of the Ark

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The Animated Kids Bible Episode 2 -The Voyage of the Ark

*Playing Time: 42 minutes. 23 minute movie and 19 minutes of bonuses and features.
*DVD will play anywhere in the world.

Detailed Description:

This Episode (Two) is called “Voyage of the Ark,” and it contains one of the best known and best loved Bible stories of all time. After a quick review of the first episode, the story introduces Noah, a faithful man of God who He has chosen for a special mission. We also meet his three sons, Ham, Shem and Japheth, who each have a unique personality. These characters really bring the story to life.

The Kids Bible

Your kids will see how God spoke to Noah, instructing him to make the Ark. They’ll see how the Ark was built, and why God asked Noah to take aboard two of each animal. These are details that are often skipped over in our Sunday School books, and the scenes are vivid and entertaining so your kids will enjoy and remember them.

We all know the story of the great flood, but to see those waters rise right before your eyes, with realistic state-of-the-art animation is really something. Your children will be blown away by the visual effects of the rain and the flooding. And, finally they’ll see the Ark perched on Mount Ararat and Noah and his family coming down into a newly re-made earth.

First, there is a character page with a summary of each of the major characters from the story. It starts with Adam and Eve, and shows the lineage down to Noah’s sons and their wives. This helps to tie it all together for the kids. If you click on one of the character’s icons, it gives you more information on each character, so your kids can learn more about their favorite people in the Bible.

The Fact File gives more information about the stories and how they tie into the world of today. Here is where the real learning takes place, and it is all presented by Pip, along with scenes from the stories, maps and other visuals. In this one, it shows you Mt. Ararat and Mt. Everest for comparison, as well as showing just how big the Ark was by comparing it to 18-wheeler trucks!

The Kids Bible

The special features also contain music videos, animated storyboards and trailers for the other episodes in the series. These can be used to review or to just enjoy, and the trailers will get your kids hooked for the next one!


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