The Animated Kids Bible Episode 3 Towering Pride and True Lies

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The Animated Kids Bible Episode 3 Towering Pride and True Lies

The Kids Bible

  • Playing Time: 42 minutes. 23 minute movie and 19 minutes of bonuses and features.
  • DVD will play anywhere in the world.

Detailed Description:

The Animated Kid’s Bible is a great way to get your kids into studying the Bible. The videos have realistic characters and stunning visuals, and they are followed up with special features that help your kids learn the message behind the story.

This is Episode 3 called “Towering Pride And True Lies.” It starts off with the building of the Tower of Babel. This story has an important lesson for kids to learn about the pride of man, and what happens when you try to upstage God. Your kids will be drawn in by the exciting animation and characters.

Next, we are introduced to a character that is going to play a big part in the next few stories – Abram. He is a character your kids should get to know, because he is a man of God who was chosen for a special mission. The Abram character is one of the most fully developed in the series. The video shows Abram and his family’s journey through the desert, so that your kids will see what it was really like.

Guided by God, Abram makes important decisions for his family and has to face Pharaoh, who wants Abram’s wife Sarai for his own. Here, your kids can see the trials of Abram, and how his faith in God was never shaken, no matter what he went through.

Finally, Abram and his family are banished from Egypt, and God leads them to the Promised Land. There, Lot challenges his uncle and the Word of God. This episode ends with Lot leading his family off while Abram stays in the Promised Land, setting things up for the next episode.

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The Animated Kid’s Bible videos are Hollywood-quality stories with fully developed characters and exciting visuals provided by state-of-the-art CGI effects. The 23-minute story is the meat of the DVD, but the special features are the side dishes and dessert.

Each episode in the series has special features to provide more background, as well as games and activities, for the kids. They are led through the educational special features by a lovable character (not from the Bible!) named Pip The Penguin. Pip breaks it all down so that it’s fun and easy-to-understand.

Character profiles. Here your kids can see the characters in more detail. It shows how they are related to other biblical characters and stories, gives information on their names, and shows how they have influenced the world of today.

The “Fact File.”
In the Fact File, Pip leads the kids through the episode again, providing details about what happened. There are maps that show where the action took place, as well as explanations of customs and everyday life during Biblical times. Pip shows how these stories influence our lives today, and ties it all in so that your kids know that it’s more than just a cool action-adventure animated story.

Music videos. These videos have original music made for the Animated Kid’s Bible and shows scenes from the episodes. The songs are about God’s Word, and your kids can learn the lyrics and sing along. These songs are designed to make singing the praises of the Lord fun!

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Storyboards. This is an animated presentation using the original storyboards of the episode. It’s cool to watch, but also good for the kids to review the characters and action of the story.

Trailers. Finally, the kids get a taste of what’s to come. Here you can see scenes of all the Animated Kid’s Bible series. The Animated Kid’s Bible is an invaluable tool for teaching the Bibles stories to kids. The stories will come to life, and they’ll have fun while they learn.


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