The Animated Kids Bible Episode 4-Rain of Fire.

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The Animated Kids Bible Episode 4 – Rain of Fire.

the kids bible

  • Playing Time: 42 minutes. 23 minute movie and 19 minutes of bonuses and features.
  • DVD will play anywhere in the world.

Detailed Description:

The Animated Kid’s Bible is a DVD series that turns the old Bible stories into action-adventure stories for the kids. They don’t change the stories, just update them with exciting visual effects and realistic characters that your kids will enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

This is Episode 4 called “Rain Of Fire,” and it’s a continuation of the story of Abram and his family. It picks up where Episode 3 left off, with Lot leaving Abram in the Promised Land. This episode is the most action packed of the series, with fight scenes, giant battles, and fireballs shooting out of the sky!

In this episode, we get glimpses of Lot’s chosen home, Sodom. The people of Sodom are wicked, and God decides that the city must be destroyed. There is only one small group that will be saved – Lot and his family.

This story has scenes your kids will always remember; the messengers of God who come to warn Abram, hidden in their cloaks; Lot racing through Sodom to warn the others and find his family; and finally, the destruction of the city as fire shoots from the sky and smashes it to bits.

Throughout the story, God speaks to Abram. All of his actions, and the whole outcome of the story, is guided by his faith in God. When He tells him that he will have a son, no one believes it but Abram alone. These scenes are memorable, and your kids will understand what it means to have faith in the Lord.

the kids bible

This episode is one giant adventure story, and the action is non-stop. But, even more important than the fighting and explosions, there is a lesson to be learned at every part.

In addition to the 23-minute story, the DVD is packed with special features that help make the story more understandable and real. You’ll be led through the special features by the fun and lovable Pip The Penguin, a character made just for the series.

In the character files, you can find out more about who’s who. Pip also shows you how they are all related, who begat who, and whose decedents went on to do what. This is important for helping your kids understand that the Bible stories are all connected.

The Fact File is even more detailed, showing a chronology of events, maps, and historical facts. The Fact File also gives you excerpts from the Bible itself. This shows the kids that these old stories are relevant and important today as well. The Fact File ties everything together and presents it in a fun and engaging way.

Your kids can have some fun with the music video and storyboards. The music video is a Christian R&B song made just for the series called “Don’t Look Back,” and the video is full of scenes from the video. Your kids can learn the song and enjoy singing along. The storyboards re-enact the fight scene with Abram, complete with voice overs.

Finally, you get to see what lies ahead with the trailers. Each disc has trailers showing scenes from all the other videos. Your kids will get hooked on the Animated Kid’s Bible and will want to watch them over and over again!


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