The Animated Kids Bible Episode 5-Brothers At War

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The Animated Kids Bible Episode 5 – Brothers At War


  • Playing Time: 42 minutes. 23 minute movie and 19 minutes of bonuses and features.
  • DVD will play anywhere in the world.

Detailed Description:

The Animated Kid’s Bible is a great tool to get your kids interested in the Bible, and it is a great video for the whole family to enjoy. Using realistic CGI graphics and memorable characters, it will not only get your kids into the Bible, but help them to understand these important, timeless lessons.

This is Episode 5 called “Brothers At War,” and it is about the decedents of Abraham. It starts off with the birth of Isaac. It is a joyous occasion for the family, until God’s great challenge to Abraham. God tells him he must kill the boy, for it is His word. Really it is a test of Abraham’s faith, and when he passes this test, God makes a promise to him – that Isaac will go on to lead a great nation, and his descendants will be God’s people.

The story of Abraham’s son Isaac is an important one for kids to understand. Isaac’s descendants became the Israelites, the chosen people of God, and they went all over the world spreading His word.

In this episode, we see the meeting of Isaac and Rebecah, and the birth of their two boys, Jacob and Esau. The story of Jacob and Esau is about sibling rivalry, an issue most of our kids know about well enough. Jacob and Rebecah trick Isaac, and it leads to more than just a quarrel between brothers. This story gives the disc its title, “Brothers At War.”
The Animated Kids Bible
The important lesson in all of this is that brothers are brothers, and when it comes down to it we must forgive each other. Here, the story is told with action and suspense, and realistic characters that your kids will get to know and enjoy.

In addition to the story, some of the memorable scenes in this episode include Hagar and Ishmaels flight through the desert where God makes water spring from the ground, and Jacob’s all night wrestling match with God Himself!

The story itself is 23 minutes long, but the Animated Kid’s Bible is full of extra features. It is more than just a modern re-telling of Bible stories; it is an invaluable educational tool.

Pip The Penguin, a lovable animated character, is your kids’ guide through the special features. He explains everything to the kids in a fun and simple way so that they’ll really get what the story is about.

This episode has a character guide where kids can learn more about each person in the story. This character file includes background and lineage of each character, as well as other interesting facts.

The Fact File shows the kids where all the action took place, and links it with historical evidence. This way, your kids will see that it’s more than just a fictional story. The Fact File also contains an explanation of the birthright, and a Genesis Timeline. Pip breaks it all down so that it’s easy to understand.

Just for fun, the video has a music video with a hip Christian some made originally for the series. The video shows scenes from the movie. There is also an animated storyboard presentation, as well as trailers to give the kids a taste of what the other episodes in the series have to offer.

The Animated Kid’s Bible Episode 5, “Brothers At War,” is full of important lessons for the kids about living right, and it’s also a fun ride. The whole family can enjoy this DVD!


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