The Animated Kids Bible Episode-6-Joseph the Dream Reader

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The Animated Kids Bible Episode-6-Joseph the Dream Reader



  • Playing Time : 42 minutes. 23 minute movie and 19 minutes of bonuses and features.
  • DVD will play anywhere in the world.

Detailed Description:

“Joseph The Dream Reader” is Episode 6 of the Animated Kid’s Bible series This is a series of well-made DVD’s that is designed to entertain but also teach your kids about the lessons in the Bible. Each story is presented with stunning visual imagery and memorable characters. Your kids will be glued to the set, but they will also understand the lessons contained in each one.

This episode revolves around Joseph and his God-given power to interpret dreams. Joseph’s adventures take him all over the world where he has to face trials and troubles everywhere, but his faith in God is never shaken.

First, out of jealousy because he is the favored son, his brothers sell him into slavery. He must go to Egypt and serve the Egyptian king, Pharaoh. Trouble seems to follow him everywhere he goes, and he ends up in an Egyptian jail.

Finally, he is taken before Pharaoh and asked to interpret his dreams. The dream sequences in this episode really come alive, and Joseph’s interpretations show that there is a meaning to what we see in our dreams. After he interprets Pharaoh’s dream, he becomes Pharaoh’s right hand man and leader of Egypt!

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At the end of the episode, Joseph’s brothers are brought before him and he decides to take revenge. But, he knows this is not the godly way to do things, and in the end he forgives his brothers. This is an important Christian message for all our kids.

The special features of the episode are just as important as the 23-minute video itself. Here, we get filled in on the background and all the details of the stories. Your guide through the special features is the lovable Pip The Penguin.

The real meat of the special features is in the Fact File. Here, Pip explains morebackground on the story, including maps and timelines, so your kids can put it all together. The Fact File tells us how the stories fit into history, and how it all ties into today.

There is also a family tree, showing how the characters are related to each other. Your kids can see how they all fit into the book of Genesis, and who their descendants are. There is also a genealogy to show where everyone fits in.

The special features also include a music video, storyboards and a trailer showing scenes from the other episodes. The Animated Kid’s Bible is great for kids of all ages. It is a great way to keep your kids entertained, but also to teach the important lessons of the Bible that are not always so easy to understand.


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