The Animated Kids Bible Episode1- Creation

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The Animated Kids Bible Episode 1-Creation

Bible Stories for Kids

  • Playing Time : 42 minutes. 23 minute movie and 19 minutes of bonuses and features.

Detailed Description:

Episode One contains the creation of the earth, the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and the tale of Cain and Abel. The video is 23 minutes and full of wonderful animation with realistic movement, great visuals and a story your kids will never forget.

It starts off at the very beginning of everything – God’s creation of the earth. Here the visuals are particularly stunning, as you see landscapes forming, the first animals popping out of the life, and God’s greatest creation man being formed from the earth. The imagery is spectacular and inspiring.

Then, we meet the first man and woman. The story of the Garden of Eden presented here in the Animated Kid’s Bible is perfect for kids. You see Adam naming the animals, scenes of the lush forest – and the creepiest character in the whole series, the serpent.

The last part of the video is the murder story of Cain of Abel. This has the most powerful lesson of all to teach your kids. The murder scene is chilling and it will give your kids lots to think about. The Kids Bible

After you watch the story, Pip the Penguin, a delightful character, appears to lead you through the DVD’s special features. These include…

In-depth character profiles where you can learn more about Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, the serpent and two characters, Seth and Enoch, who are not featured in the video but play an important role in the story.

The details include more background on the characters, as well as the meanings of their names.


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