The Bronze Snake: Children’s Church Lesson

This last week, we studied Numbers 20 and 21 in Children’s Church. This passage covers Moses striking a rock to get water (against God’s commands) and also the Israelite people being bitten by snakes.   These are the stations we used with the kids.  We are using the Gospel Project curriculum and some of these suggestions come from that teacher’s guide.

Snack Time:

As I was telling the story, I let the kids eat pretzels and had the water clearly visible, but I wouldn’t let any of the kids drink any until we got to the part about the Israelites complaining about a lack of water.   I asked if they could relate to how all the people were feeling and they indeed could.  I poured them all a cup and we continued with story.  After the lesson, they could choose one or more stations to visit.

The Bronze Snake: Children's Ministry Lesson Ideas

Station #1: Snake Bite Medical Stop

The Bronze Snake: Children's Ministry Lesson Ideas

In this station, I had an old sheet that the kids could cut into strips to bandage each other’s “snake bites”.  I also had band-aids and a forehead thermometer for them to play with.

Station #2: Paper Plate Snake

The Bronze Snake: Children's Ministry Lesson Ideas

This is the classic twirly snake cut from a paper plate craft.  Kids colored the snake first and then cut along the lines to make a snake. Of course, we couldn’t find any bronze crayons, so our snakes were a little unbiblical.
The Bronze Snake: Children's Lesson

Station #3: Paper Chain Snake

This was a project they did with another teacher, but my kids brought home one so I thought I’d share it.

The Bronze Snake: Kids Art

Station #4 Coloring

We always try to set up a simple station for kids who don’t know where to start or don’t like a lot of craftiness.  These are papers from The Gospel Project curriculum.

The Bronze Snake: Children's Ministry Lesson Ideas

Station #5 Water From a Rock

This isn’t exactly from a rock, but we did give the kids some water to play with to remind them of the story.  We use old (donated) shirts as smocks.

The Bronze Snake: Children's Ministry Lesson Ideas

That’s it for now!  What are you up to this week in your ministry?






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