The Effects of Stress on Pregnancy

Whether we are at home, work, at the gas station or other public places, stress affects you each day.

Minor mishaps, like spilling a cup of coffee, or lost a turn on the freeway that invent you a few minutes late to work, can build apprehension. that may change how your body functions, like your heart rate and blood pressure. Of course, that only directly affects your body, beyond indirectly influencing another person physically next to you.

However, while you are pregnant, the stress that you feel may be affecting your growing baby as well. Even though, much research has been done to figure out how stress affects pregnant mothers and their unborn child, the researchers still, do not know precisely how stress affects the growth and development of the baby.

Whatever the researchers say, one thing is for certain, however, while pregnant, you should cut down the level of stress in your life, to manufacture positive your pregnancy is less painful. There are several methods, that target reducing stress and can greatly enhance your comfort during the entire nine months.


Each day, try to exercise a little bit whether you can. You may try out low impact exercises like yoga or tai chi. Both of these, will slowly stretch your muscles, without causing your heart rate to rise to fast.

The deep breathing involved, will additionally help you take in more oxygen and prepare you for the challenging breathing during labor.

Each day, you might like to try taking a short walk. that is a simple and easy way to get exercise, without having to attend a scheduled class.

Before you start any exercise routine or class, it is a good notion to check with your doctor. The best exercise will work to benefit both you and your baby.


When your are pregnant, you should avoid eating or drinking any products that contain a lot of caffeine. Why push the heart rate of the tiny baby to work harder?

On the top of your menu, should be foods that have a lot of folic acid, vitamin B6 and several others that will supply you and your baby the essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy development.

In the first trimester, your unborn child will grow all of its major organs. The heart, liver, kidneys, and several more develop, requiring much tissue to be built.

Giving your body healthy, nutritious food will help your baby at that stage and as well as during your entire pregnancy.

Breathing Techniques

Relaxation techniques will help you less nauseous, like slow breathing and stretching, and will go a distant way to help keep leg cramps, back pain, and shortness of breath to a minimum.

Finding a way to lesson stressful situations in your life is additionally suggested. Possible some simple adjustments to your daily routine may help and be a great habit to start for your mothering days ahead.

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  2. pat kiely says:

    Christians should not indulge in yoga or thi chi,as both are from eastern philophesies. <my daughter in law is expecting her 9th child,telling her to do simple stretching excersises and take a short walk each day to de stress is not practical ,obviously this advice must only be aimed at first time mothers.

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