Was Jesus Christ a Feminist?

Be Pro-Woman

I don’t expect to change minds with this post, but I hope it makes you think. Think about the implications of trying to merge Christianity and feminism. One or the other must be diluted from its true nature. 

That’s why I suggest, as Christian women, that we maximize our current mobility. Drop the labels and actually do something. Be more than a feminist. Be fully and utterly pro-woman, adding value, radiating kindness, listening well, and bringing the truth just like Jesus did.

Be pro-woman to the mom considering abortion.

Be pro-woman to the immodest girl.

Be pro-woman to your lesbian neighbor.

Be pro-woman to the older woman in your church who doesn’t ‘get it’.

Be pro-woman to your more liberal friend.

Be pro-woman to the unborn baby girl.

Be pro-woman to the legalist trapped by Christian patriarchy.

Be pro-woman to the secular feminist.

Be pro-woman. Then maybe we – we the Church – won’t fail women anymore.

And we won’t need feminism to fix a problem we had the answer to all along.

Listen to the full podcast episode on this topic and read this post on God’s view of women.

Phylicia Masonheimer is the author of Christian Cosmo: The Sex Talk You Never Had, a book teaching young women how to understand sexuality from a biblical perspective and overcome sexual sin. She blogs about God’s design for single sexuality, marriage, dating, and motherhood. GET HER BOOK HERE!

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