What Is the Kingdom of God?

The kingdom of God was one of Jesus’ most talked about topics, but it’s hardly a well-grasped concept for believers today. If you asked a group of people to define it, you would probably get a variety of answers.

The Greek term for kingdom is used 162 times in the New Testament, with most of them referring to the Kingdom of God. Yet, how often do we as believers discuss God’s kingdom and keep it on the forefront of our hearts? I believe one of the reasons we don’t talk about God’s kingdom as much as we should is because we don’t fully understand this mysterious concept.

The Kingdom of God Is Not a Physical Place… So What Is It?

Many people think of the kingdom of God as heaven or as the church. However, the kingdom of God is not an actual physical place. A working definition of God’s kingdom from a biblical perspective can be seen as God’s universal reign as Creator and Christ’s exhaustive work as Redeemer. Since God is eternal, His kingdom is eternal. The Kingdom of God transcends time and space.

Below are 10 concepts about the kingdom that are important for a believer to understand:

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