10 Calming Thanksgiving Prayers for Weary Moms

Most moms know that Thanksgiving has little to do with sitting quietly and reflecting on a long list of things to be grateful for. Why? Because there are far too many other, more important, things to do. Cleaning for the out-of-town guests, the costumes to be hand-sewn, the gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO approved treats that need to bake, and the hand-lettered place cards (to learn how) to make for the table settings. With a to-do list that seems to multiply by the minute, there is little time to stop and ponder what she’s even grateful for.

Mothers teach their children all about the Pilgrims’ first harvest and where the idea of Thanksgiving came. They even read stories about why “Thanksgiving” feasts and celebrations exist around the world. Moms teach their children why gratitude is important, yet instead of feeling thank-full themselves, many moms are full of weariness, loneliness, heartache, exhaustion, anxiety, or fear.

For some moms, life resembles something dark this year: hospitals, empty bedrooms, sickness, or another type of loss. What they feel is depleted, instead of celebratory, and Thanksgiving (this joyous season of remembrance, harvest, and gratitude) is something they’d rather skip over instead of partaking of.

Whether you’re knee-deep in parenting littles, running in circles because of adolescents, or have switched roles with an aging parent, Thanksgiving is still coming for you. You aren’t able to press pause, nor can you ignore it even if you’re in a season of feeling less than thankful. Whether you want to deck the halls or run for the hills, perhaps you’ll find comfort in the following prayers – written just for you, Mom, at Thanksgiving.

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Timothy Eberly

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