10 Conversation Starters for Church Guests

It’s that time again – the part of the church service everyone dreads. Whether your church has an official “stand up and greet one other” time or you interact informally, reaching out to a newcomer is often awkward and uncomfortable. Sometimes so awkward and uncomfortable that church members avoid it altogether. But ask anyone why they joined a particular church, and you’ll often hear the words, “The people were so friendly,” or “They really made me feel welcome.”

More than just something to get through, opportunities to interact with church guests are crucial. Even a brief exchange can uncover a point of connection, show them you’re glad they came, or help you learn how to begin ministering to them. Thankfully, getting to know a visitor doesn’t have to be hard. A few carefully-worded questions can jump start the conversation and begin the process. Here are 10 of my favorites.

Photo credit: ©Thinkstock/shironosov

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