10 Lessons from Chick-fil-A's Founder for Finding the 'Secret Sauce'

Nuggets or strips? Chick-n-Minis or biscuit? Chick-fil-A is beloved for our Original Chicken Sandwich and renowned for being closed on Sunday (the day you always seem to have that waffle fry hankering).

Our “Raving Fan” base has exploded in recent years—especially, when it comes to our legendary Chick-fil-A Sauce.

But the “secret sauce” behind the success of my father, Truett Cathy, stems from more than a BBQ, honey mustard, and mayo mixture. Dad and Mom imparted life lessons with their words, but most of what I “caught” wasn’t explicitly “taught.” My parent’s actions spoke far louder—impacting my life far greater—than words ever could.

Here are 10 life lessons (other than the recipe for Chik-fil-A Sauce) that Truett Cathy taught me, his daughter.

Photo Credit: GettyImages/bhofack2

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