10 Marriage Secrets All Couples Need to Know


10. Marriage gives you a glimpse of so much more.

On that same note, man do you learn a lot about God when you are rubbing up against someone day in and day out. There’s a reason that God uses the analogy of marriage to describe His love for His church–because no relationship will ever compare to the intimacy that is exchanged within this earthly connection.

Not only is God’s love for us magnified through the lens of a healthy marriage, but He uses this marriage to shape us, refine us, and put us through the fire–making us more and more like Him along the way. Reflecting Jesus is the greatest honor that we can partake in when it comes to marriage, but more so, it’s the one and only thing that will keep our marriage alive.

While it’s important to acknowledge that there are many routes to holiness, we have to realize that marriage is definitely one of those routes. I am a different person because of this sacred relationship, and I know that God’s not finished with me yet. I’m so thankful for the blessing of marriage, and look forward to what lies ahead.

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