10 Myths People Believe about VBS

When I was six, a friend invited me to Vacation Bible School at a tiny Primitive Methodist church in our neighborhood. I’m not sure why my mother said yes to the invitation. In those days Methodists and Catholics rarely crossed each other’s liturgical thresholds. Perhaps she thought that since the gathering didn’t occur on a Sunday morning, it wouldn’t count against us.

What I remember most about the experience was drinking orange Kool-Aid out of Dixie Cups, eating flower-shaped butter cookies during snack time, and memorizing Bible verses for candy. Oh, and the end-of-the-week program. I had a speaking part – two lines – which I’d learned backward and forward. Unfortunately, when my moment in the spotlight came, that’s how I delivered them – backward.

VBS remains one of the greatest evangelistic tools for churches, reaching an estimated 3,000,000 children in 2009. At least 10 percent of those were unchurched. As you and your church look ahead toward VBS 2018, let’s take a look at 10 myths about this beloved summer outreach.

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