10 Reasons We Should Escape Social Media

The thought of “escaping social media” makes it sound like a prison of sorts, doesn’t it? Yet, if we’re completely honest, our online worlds can be confining. While the internet has allowed for people all over the world to connect, it has also changed the dynamic of face-to-face connection.

There are a growing number of people who are starting to sense the isolation. More and more, people are craving social interaction instead of reaction. Our God-given desires to connect with others in meaningful ways is finally beginning to out-weigh our desire to get as many “likes” as we can.

Escaping social media is more about freeing ourselves from the time-wasting preoccupation of needing to be included in everything all of the time. It’s getting back to real living, authentic connection, and genuine interaction with other people.

Here are 10 reasons we should escape social media (and why we don’t):

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