10 Ways to Get Involved in Your Church

How can I get more involved in my church? This is a common question among churchgoers.
The first place to start in answering this question is to find out the specific needs of your church body. The specific needs of each church will be different based on a few factors. For instance, is your church body well-established or do you attend a young church plant? Do you attend a megachurch? Are you attending worship in a large city or in a small town?

Something else to consider is your personal skill set and spiritual gifts. Are you an encourager? Do you enjoy interacting with people of all ages or a specific age group? Do you enjoy organizing and leading or would you rather be working “behind the scenes”? Do you have a busy schedule in your day to day life or do you have time to spare that could be given to your church body? Our age and health can also be a contributing factor but, in most churches, there is an opportunity for everyone to be more involved!

Once you’ve established your own skill set and spiritual gifts, you should talk with your church elders about where you might best be put to use. Hopefully the following 10 ideas will help you get this conversation started. And always remember to serve enthusiastically as if you were serving the Lord, not people.

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