10 Ways to Make Church Fun Again

For many unbelievers, fun church may seem like an oxymoron. “Church fun, really?” they wonder.

You may be wondering the same thing, and you’ve been part of church your entire life.

Church is supposed to be fun. Church is God’s idea. It is the manifestation of Christ in the world today — that’s huge. Church is where you find encouragement and community; where you are blessed to be a blessing. And God never intended it to be boring or irrelevant. God’s plan for church is a vibrant and exciting gathering.

Church solidifies your identity, and provides pathways toward your calling. It fosters accepting, forgiving relationships with people of all ages.

And it’s fun; in fact, I believe the church should be the most enjoyable place on the planet, especially on a Sunday morning.

Yet I know that church is not fun for many people, who tend to view it as a ritual endured for a few hours.

So if church is not fun for you right now (and there are a myriad or reasons why that may be), I’ve got ten suggestions to help make it fun again.

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