10 Ways to Stop Childhood Entitlement before it Goes Too Far

“There are many graduates today who expect the corner office with a view, flexible work time, and birthdays off.” The placement counselor was describing some senior students and their expectations upon graduation from the university to the parents of the incoming freshman. She went on to implore parents to stop being their child’s alarm clock, to never call the professors, and quit being the child’s homework proofer (or doer).

Entitlement has gone too far when college graduates are unable to take ownership of their life and work for those office perks.

Are we raising a generation of kids who have unrealistic life expectations? Do they believe they should have what their parents have when they graduate? In our desire to keep our kids happy, perhaps we have shielded them from struggle only to create more problems for them when future difficulties come their way.

We overstep and take over, inhibiting the development of our kids’ perseverance and patience. Many young people leave college unprepared for the adult world. The unbridled, unearned, and insincere positive reinforcement given so freely does more harm than good. It can produce young adults who believe the world revolves around them and think the world owes them.

Here are 10 ways to stop childhood entitlement before it goes too far.

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