20 Ways to Make People Laugh

1. Push a gumball down the sidewalk with your nose.

2. At your next pep rally, gargle (or belch) your school song.

3. The next time a sporting event gets boring, draw a tiny face on your little finger and let Mr. Pinky give a play-by-play description of the game—in a high-pitched voice, of course.

4. During a conversation with your friends, say, “chirpledeekirpledeedum” in the middle of each sentence.

5. The next time you’re at the gym, stand in front of the lightest barbell you can find. Stretch and flex and act like the strongest person in the world. Then lean over and act like the weight is impossible to lift. The more you grunt and groan, the better!

6. Get some friends together and stuff as many grapes as possible behind your upper lip. Now try to carry on a conversation.

7. Stop someone on the street, pull out a map of Greece and ask for directions to the Parthenon. (Caution: This won’t work if you’re in Greece!)

8. The next time you look through a microscope announce to your lab partner: “Hey, look in here. It looks just like my Uncle Stu!”

9. !sdneirf ruoy ot sdrawkcab klaT

10. Wear goofy headbands and when people look at you funny, say loudly, “What? What? What are you looking at?”

11. Blow soap bubbles and say to each one: “Good Witch Glenda, oh, Good Witch Glenda, are you in there? It’s me, Dorothy … “

12. Buy some cheap shower caps and talk your friends into wearing them the next time you go to a movie.

13. Paint smiley faces on an old pair of shoes and wear them to school.

14. Put a cute little dress on your pooch and take her (or him) for a walk in a crowded park.

15. The next time you’re at the zoo, do your best imitations of the animals that are drawing the biggest crowds.

16. Get some friends together and wear lifejackets to the mall. Stop people and say, “Better get ready. We understand it’s going to start raining real hard real soon.”

17. Blow up a balloon then suddenly let it go. Follow the flying balloon around the room and shout dramatically, “He’s dying! He’s dying!” When the balloon hits the floor, pronounce it “dead.”

18. Hit yourself in the face with a whipped cream pie.

19. Wear socks on your hands. When people ask about it, say matter of factly, “My toes are protesting.”

20. Just laugh—it’s contagious, ya know.

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