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Mel C surprises School of Rock audience

The 43-year-old singer surprised the audience at the performance of the musical in London last week, when she joined the cast to sing the Spice Girls’ classic single. The West End production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘School of Rock – The Musical’ is based on the 2003 film of the same title. It features music […]

God’s word by human hands

The pope has one, so does the Library of Congress and even the Mayo Clinic, and for the next year, the province’s Roman Catholics will also have a volume of the Saint John’s Bible. For the next 12 months, Catholics can see — and even touch — a full-sized reproduction of the hand-lettered Saint John’s […]

The Secret Pain of Abortion

Carolyn and I are sitting in front of a cozy fire. Since we’ve just met, we both feel a little awkward. We make small talk over apple cider and cookies. We talk about school, Carolyn’s part-time job, our summer plans. Gradually, Carolyn and I begin to feel a bit more comfortable with each other. Considering […]

If You’ve Gone Too Far

Guilt is a crushing force. And guilt that comes from sexual impurity presses the heart in its tenderest places. It hurts to know you’ve sinned against God, your parents, your partner, yourself, and your future spouse—someone you might not even know yet. You’ve given away something you can never get back. The pain hangs like […]

Prophecy speaker coming to Faith Community Church

A renown minister whose messages on Bible prophecy have been heard worldwide, will be at the Faith Community Church on State Highway 198 in Malakoff on Sunday. Dr. David R. Reagan will speak in Sunday school, morning and evening worship. In Sunday school, beginning at 9:45 a.m., Reagan’s topic will be the “Importance of Bible […]

Kids learn life lessons through archery

Eleven-year-old Ryder Smith pulled back the bow, steadied his aim and let loose an arrow. Whack! The arrow stuck in the target — one of hundreds that hit their mark from dozens of third-, fourth-, and fifth-graders at Camano Chapel’s weekly Centershot archery program. “It’s something fun that I always wanted to do,” Smith said. […]

Why Does God Feel Far Away?

The guitar screeched out the first chord and the drummer pounded on the bass. Everyone jumped to their feet and belted out the words to one of my favorite praise songs. But instead of joining in, I glanced around the room. Most of my friends were clapping their hands and swaying to the beat. It […]

Pudsey seal Bradford & District Sunday School Billiards League title

PUDSEY have been crowned Bradford & District Sunday School Billiards League champions after finally seeing off the challenge of Bradford Deaf Centre. RESULTS – Eastbrook 3 Bradford Deaf Centre 2, Great Horton 1 Princeville A 4, Princeville B 1 Pudsey 4. Breaks: P Devitt (Eastbrook) 79, 38; T Kershaw (Princeville A) 51, 38 unfinished; R […]

Satanist students advertise lamb sacrifice and Bible-burning event at Clemson University

  (Wikimedia Commons/hager.angie)The Tillman Hall at Clemson University.Students at Clemson University sparked outrage over an advertisement for a lamb sacrifice and Bible burning ceremony to “commemorate” a new chapel on the campus. A group of students referring to themselves as the Clemson Unorthodox Neo-Satanic Temple advertised the event on a flyer that was found in […]

Can You Become a Virgin Again?

It sounds ridiculous. Become a virgin again? Why not ask to relive last week? Yet if you’ve had sex, you may be saying, “I’ve asked for forgiveness. Now please tell me how to answer people who want to know whether or not I’m a virgin.” Maybe the best answer to the question, “Are you a […]

Be wary of advising kings

A torah scroll. (photo credit:REUTERS) A plain reading of the Bible would seem to indicate that advising foreign rulers is a good idea. The two most famous examples, Joseph and Mordechai, enjoy a meteoric rise to prominence. And they seem to deftly manage their respective ruler’s impulsiveness and even use it to their advantage. However, […]

God’s Waiting on You

sunday school lessons

Elias Howe was working nonstop on his new invention, the sewing machine, but no matter what he tried, the stitches turned out sloppy. He was so focused on the problem that one night he dreamed he had been kidnapped by a group of tribesmen and given twenty-four hours to finish his invention! When his time […]