4 Compelling Reasons to Get a Bible Reading Partner

In a previous article, I gave compelling reasons why you should read your Bible every day:

• Reading the Bible improves your health by helping you manage stress.

• The Bible is the perfect how-to guide for living.

• Regular Bible reading makes you less likely to engage in risky, immoral behavior and more likely to share your faith and disciple others.

• The more you read the Bible, the closer you become to God.

For most of my life, I knew that I should read my Bible more often, but I didn’t do it – at least, not consistently. That changed when I started Christian Leadership Concepts (CLC), a challenging, two-year program for small groups of men who want to go deeper in their faith. CLC stresses the importance of having a daily quiet time with God, with part of that time spent reading God’s Word.

I didn’t start reading my Bible consistently because the CLC curriculum told me it was a good idea. I did it for a more basic reason: every week at our CLC meeting, the leader would ask each of us if we had been doing our quiet time.

Peer pressure made me do it. But it was good peer pressure!

When I started reading my Bible every day, I was somewhat overwhelmed. After all, the Bible is huge: 66 books, 789 chapters, and 31,102 verses. Like most people in today’s world of instant messages, social media posts, and emails, I don’t read a lot of books. And the Bible is an especially challenging book to read. Its 40 different authors wrote in several different languages and used syntax, metaphors, and sentence structures that can be confusing.

Plus, let’s face it, parts of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, are boring. Really boring.

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