4 Things You Should Know about "Indivisible"

Heather Turner is a young military wife who simply wants her husband back to normal.

For 15 months she took care of the children, cleaned the house, and led a ministry for military moms as her husband – a chaplain – served Army personnel in Iraq. Yet now that he’s back, he is anything but the loving, devoted husband and father she remembers. He’s short-tempered and despondent.

Instead of spending time with the children, he sits in the backyard, staring at the grass. Instead of spending time with her on a date, he argues … a lot.

Finally, Heather tells him to leave the house and not to return until he’s changed.

The faith-based movie Indivisible opens in theaters Oct. 26, telling the story of a chaplain who goes to Iraq and returns as a different man, changed by the horrors he saw and the stresses he experienced. It stars Justin Bruening (Grey’s Anatomy) as Darren Turner and Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy, Mom’s Night Out) as his wife, Heather.

Here are four things you should know about the film:

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