4 Things You'll Like about the New "Pilgrim's Progress" Movie

2. It’s Inspiring and Convicting

There’s a reason John Bunyan’s classic has remained a bestseller for more than three centuries. It masterfully uses allegory to illustrate spiritual truths. It reminds us to live life with an eternal, not temporal, focus. The movie does the same.   

A man named Evangelist urges Christian to walk toward the light and stay on the straight path. But Christian’s friend Obstinate – who looks like someone named Obstinate – encourages him to stay behind and asks why he would leave his home city. 

“Because it pales by comparison to all that the king of the Celestial City promises to his subjects – fullness of joy in the presence of the king,” Christian says. “No more sorrow. Streets paved with gold. The city I leave behind is filled with evil and misery. The city I seek is all goodness and joy and lasts forever.”

Christian meets helpful friends, too. Like Faithful. 

Of course, Christian faces numerous distractions and pitfalls along the way.

He falls into the Swamp of Despondency and must be rescued. 

He travels through the Worldly Woods and is told the Celestial City king can’t be trusted. 

He stumbles upon the Vanity Fair and rejects every temptation that is offered. When the fair’s occupants ask him what the Celestial City has that they don’t, he responds, “Peace, joy, love, unselfishness, patience, contentment, and a crown that never fades away.”

It’s inspiring and convicting to watch Christian’s determination and perseverance. How many times have I gotten lost in the Wordly Woods? How many times have I stayed too long at the Vanity Fair? 

Our attitude should be that of Christian, who keeps his eyes on the eternal prize.  

“My allegiance is with the celestial king,” he says.

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