4 Tips for When You Want to Move Forward (But Feel Stuck)

We are born dreamers. It is no longer just the “American dream” to be successful and fulfill one’s purpose— almost anywhere you turn today the message is clear: “We can achieve anything we put our minds to!” We grow up believing that we can be anybody; we can have anything we desire. We are people of movement; we are doers. We are passionate and eager to get in the car of life and get moving. But often the plans we spend so much time crafting and stressing over take a turn in different direction. For those of us who are trusting God to direct our steps, we find out that with Him the journey can look very different than what we envision. We find out quickly that our ideal timeline and God’s are often at odds. We don’t want to idle, and we aren’t huge fans of detours— especially when they come with a lengthy list of lessons to learn along the way.

Imagine how the Israelites must have felt after a year of wandering in the desert, and then again, a year later. A decade into the journey, some must have lost hope that God was indeed leading them at all, and after twenty there had to have been murmurings of a coup. A few millennia later, here we are still grumbling at God when He doesn’t give in to our plans, and our schedule. What the Israelites undoubtedly felt is the same thing that we tend to assume— that God is cruel and withholding just to be mean. We tend to think that He’s looking down on us, laughing, as we sit just steps from the other side of a breakthrough, lesson, or door. We shake our fists at the One who is keeping us wandering in the desert in isolation, while others are enjoying their #bestlife in the Land of Milk & Honey. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The land of promise and provision is where God wants us to live, but sometimes there needs to be a pause before we can rush right in.

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Brooke Cagle

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