4 Ways to Wreck Even the Strongest Marriage

One night I came home to find my wife standing in the kitchen with four suitcases packed and waiting. Stephanie said, “I’m done. You’re a great youth pastor, but you’re not home enough to be a good husband and daddy. The kids never see you. Last month you were home only three nights. I won’t do it by myself anymore. I’m taking the kids back home to Houston. Pick us or the church.” Her gut punch was a reality check. No matter how defensive I felt, she was right. I failed. We had already been through so much together, eleven years of marriage, three kids, the near-drowning of our firstborn daughter, but still I knew I had not worked to love my wife as Christ loved the Church. I determined to repent and to be a better husband and father.

Below are four common patterns that, if practiced, will wreck your marriage.

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