415 Broomball 2019


What do you think of when you hear the word broomball? Is it missing teeth? Straw brooms better suited for a fairy tale witch than ice? Penalty boxes? Large men slamming each other into glass walls? Aside from the witches, you might have broomball confused with hockey, a common misconception that we’re here to dispel. According to www.usabroomball.com , Broomball is ”… a winter sport played in ice arenas and community parks throughout the country… The game is played on a hockey rink… Similar to hockey and soccer, the object of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team. A player uses a stick (a shaft with a molded broom-shaped head) to maneuver a six-inch diameter ball up and down the ice. Instead of skates, players wear spongy-soled shoes to gain traction when running on the slippery surface.”

Now that’s not so bad, is it? It actually sounds pretty fun. Which is why, on May 11, we’re taking all our 415ers and their friends to Gateway Ice Center to do just that! This will be our last 415 event of the 2018-19 school year, and not only will there be broomball, but we’ll also have board games in the warming room, a time to connect with each other and the opportunity to respond to the gospel presented by one of our own student pastors, Alfonso Moreno.

Sign up today to reserve your spot on the bus because space is limited and you won’t want to miss your chance to slam your buddy into a wall. (Totally kidding. There are rules, referees and several adults supervising to ensure this doesn’t happen.)

the details
  • Date: Saturday, May 11
  • Time: 4-8pm
  • Cost: $10
  • Transportation: Students and leaders will be bussed from both the Fig Garden and the North campuses to Gateway Ice Center, and returned to their respective campuses.
  • Dinner: Pizza will be served.
  • What to bring: warm clothing, close-toed shoes with traction, bike helmet
    Optional: knee/elbow pads, money for the snack bar

Registration is closed.

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