5 Reasons Parents Will Love "Toy Story 4"

Forky is a toy that looks, well… different.

His head and body were made from a plastic spork, his arms from a pipe cleaner, and his legs from a broken-in-half popsicle stick.

No wonder he believes he belongs in the trash. That’s where he originated.

“I am not a toy. I am a spork. I was made for trash,” Forky says.

But his owner, a little girl named Bonnie, thinks differently. She created him during her first day in kindergarten, and he brought her comfort and joy.

Without Forky, she may not have survived. Without Forky, she may have cried all day. Without Forky, she may not ever finish kindergarten.

Perhaps that’s why Woody – another one of Bonnie’s toys – cares so much about Forky. It’s because he cares for Bonnie. Woody is determined to keep Forky safe from a cruel world… and from himself.

Then the unthinkable happens. Forky gets separated from Bonnie during a family trip.

Can Woody find Forky and reunite him with Bonnie?

The Disney/Pixar film Toy Story 4 opens this weekend, picking up in the storyline where Toy Story 3 left us – with Woody and his friends under the care of a new owner, Bonnie.

Here are five reasons parents will love this new addition to the franchise:

Photo courtesy: Disney

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