5 Things Parents Should Know about "Smallfoot"

Since birth, Migo has been told that the “smallfoot” – that is, the human – doesn’t exist. And, so far, he has had no reason to doubt it.

Migo is a yeti living in a snowy, mountaintop village of like-minded yetis where everyone is happy. Everyone works together. Everyone gets along. Everyone believes the yeti traditions.

Then something unexpected happens.

Migo spots a smallfoot who had parachuted out of a crashing plane. But without Migo having any evidence – the pilot and the plane both fell off the mountain – no one believes Migo.

It’s no minor matter. Yeti law and tradition (think: yeti religion) says humans don’t exist. It’s even written on the yeti “Stones,” which are guarded and interpreted by the village leader known as the Stonekeeper. As the thinking goes, if smallfoot creatures do exist, then everything else that yetis believe could be false, too.

“Are you saying a Stone is wrong?” the Stonekeeper asks Migo.

Soon, Migo is banished from the village, putting him on a mission to regain entrance by proving that smallfoot creatures are real.

The animated PG film Smallfoot opens this weekend, starring Channing Tatum as the voice of Migo; James Corden as a human named Percy; and Zendaya as Migo’s yeti friend, Meechee. NBA star LeBron James plays a yeti named Gwangi.

Here are five things parents should know:

Warning: spoilers ahead!

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